Memory in Motion

These motion pictures are attempts to depict the un-depictable; they can never capture that which the eye sees or has seen. They are fragments of evidence--the (re/de)construction of memory.

16mm, 2003

How can we depict memory in film? Memory does not work the same way as a snapshot. It comes in pieces and flashes and sometimes with holistic clarity. This piece shows how the Bolex can actually work in a similar way as our memory does.

16mm, 2009 (filmed 2002)

The glitz of the strip or the musty renovations of old downtown have never appealed to me quite as much as the desert landscape surrounding Las Vegas. These images were filmed from a convertible on the way to a state park near the city.

8mm, 2003

As travelogues go, this is the most well formed vision that I have produced. A holiday trip proves a friendship going terribly wrong. A satirical exchange of co-dependance leads to unnecessary misery and fleeting hilarity.